Curb Appeal Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Enhancing your curb appeal will make your home faster to sell, but will also give your property a nice and finished look that you can be proud of. In this article, we have rounded up the easiest and most affordable ways to make your front yard pop. 1. Give your front door a fresh coat … Continued

So You Inherited a House. Now What?

Inheriting a house can be complicated. The process is long and tedious and usually involves some fees and a lot of paperwork. Here’s what you need to know when you inherit a property. Supposing the deceased person had a will, the “principal beneficiary” has the freedom to make the decisions as to what to do … Continued

Easy Ways to Make your Home More Energy-Efficient

Making your home as energy efficient as possible is not only good for the environment, it’s also good for your wallet. If you are looking for easy, doable ways to achieve energy efficiency at home, we have rounded up 20 tips for you! 1. Upgrade your lights to LEDs. This can cost you more in … Continued

Home Repairs that Need Immediate Attention

Your home is where you spend most of your time. And with all the activities you do inside and outside your home such as cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. plus its constant exposure to the elements such as changing temperature, rain, sun, wind, moisture, pests, etc. it’s inevitable for things to break or show signs of … Continued

Easy Ways You Can Save Water At Home

Water is an indispensable part of our daily lives. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed at night, we use water. And because using water is embedded in our daily routines, we sometimes don’t realize how much water we are using. According to, the average American family uses … Continued

10 Easy Summer Home Maintenance You Should Not Skip

Soon, we’ll be welcoming summer. The temperatures will soar and the rains will pour. Because of this, it’s extremely important that your home is prepared for the changing weather. Here’s a helpful list of easy summer home maintenance tasks you should not skip: 1. Prepare your air conditioning. This task should be done before summer … Continued

How to Create a Low-Maintenance Yard

One of the many factors that can help you sell your home fast is curb appeal. However, it is also true that maintaining a beautiful yard is challenging; It requires hard work and consistent maintenance which includes a whole list of tasks, from pruning, weeding, watering, to mowing, etc. These days, not everyone has the … Continued

Why You Should Choose Neutral Paint Colors When Selling Your Home

In many of our other blog posts, we mentioned that neutral colors are highly recommended if you are considering selling your home. While several homeowners might be tempted to go bold in decorating and personalizing their abodes, painting with neutral colors is key to selling your home fast. Here are the reasons why bold is … Continued

How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Just like a car, a house needs regular maintenance to keep it in good condition for years to come. Being consistent in your home’s upkeep also helps you avoid expensive repairs when it’s time to sell your home.  So now that winter is gone and the season has changed, be sure to add these tasks … Continued

5 Small Upgrades That Pay Big When You Sell your Home

Home updates do not have to be expensive. So if you are planning to sell your home this year, here are some quick, easy, and affordable ways to boost your property’s marketability without breaking the bank.   1. Paint your kitchen cabinets. Depending on the size of your kitchen, this project may cost you a … Continued