Are You Working With a Reputable Home Buyer?

In the wake of economic distress and uncertainty, many homeowners in the past decade have found that they need to sell their homes. It goes without saying that selling a home is an emotionally charged situation no matter the circumstances, but especially so when the circumstances are out of your control. Unfortunately, the emotional vulnerability of homeowners forced to sell looks like easy prey to many disreputable individuals. Soon after the 2008 recession, companies cropped up claiming to help homeowners, but these buyers quickly—and rightfully—gained a reputation for being lowballing bullies.

At We Buy Any House Fast, we have made it our mission to be much different. Our aim isn’t to take advantage of you: It’s to help you get your life back on track. Today we’ll discuss the warning signs of an untrustworthy buyer as well as what makes us different. You may feel overwhelmed in the moment, but it doesn’t mean your only hope is with real estate vultures. You deserve to work with a trustworthy, compassionate buyer, and you can find one.

Often, one of the first signs that you’re not working with a reputable buyer is that “gut feeling” that something’s not right.  When you called the company, did the phone ring dozens of times before someone picked up, or did someone answer right away? Have you been invited to a warm and welcoming office for your consultation, or did your meetings with buyers fit descriptors like “clandestine” or even “fly-by-night?” If your home buyer doesn’t even have the appearance of a reputable operation, chances are that they aren’t one.

We Buy Any House Fast, on the other hand, doesn’t just look like a legitimate operation: We are one. Our team is comprised of legal and real estate experts, and we have over 25 years of experience in making cash offers for homes. When you have your consultation, you’ll be joined in a comfortable office by one of our seasoned team members, who will lend a listening ear as well as sound advice as they review your options for selling your home. And speaking of consultations, be wary of one that comes with a catch. A free consultation should be just that (as they are at We Buy Any House Fast), and you shouldn’t be charged any fees.

Finally, a reputable buyer will always treat you with the utmost respect. The distinguishing feature that marks a predatory company from a genuinely trustworthy one is compassion. You should never feel belittled, pressured or bullied by the buyer that you work with, as this behavior is a sure sign that you’re working with someone who isn’t worth your time. Selling your home is an emotionally complex process, and you deserve to work with a buyer who respects your unique circumstances and the confusion or anxiety that you feel at this time. The team at We Buy Any House Fast offers compassionate, sympathetic listening, and we do our best to minimize the emotional stress of selling your home. That’s why we take care of cleanup and damage repair, and help you relocated while you’re looking for a new residence.

Selling your home is a difficult decision, but it can lead to previously unimagined freedom and happiness. Learn more by calling us at 1-800-976-SOLD.