Multiple Showings, But No Offers?

So you decided to sell your house and listed it months ago. You got multiple showings… but it seems to just end there. Now it’s been sitting on the market for months and there’s still no sign of any offer. What gives?

The only way to find out is to assess the factors that play an important role in a home sale. If you have had multiple showings, but never received an offer, here are some tips for you.


1. Check the condition of your property.

Go through each section of your property as if you are a home buyer or an investor. What would you want to change? Is there anything that needs further work? Perhaps your house could use a little TLC? Maybe all that clutter in your kitchen hides the beauty of the space? 

If you are trying to sell an “ugly” house, there is a lot you can do to improve it. From simply cleaning it and removing the clutter to making drastic changes to the exterior, there are many home improvement projects you can do to make it sell.

Also, check your listing photos. Does your home look completely different than the photos in the listing? It may not be a good buyer experience if the contrast between the condition of the home they saw online and the one they are seeing in person is too apparent. 


2. Consider updates and upgrades.

Today’s homebuyers have a very discriminating taste, and they are very much different than the homebuyers decades ago. And to make your home sell, be sure to make your home attractive to them.

According to an article published by, “millennials represented 42% of all new home loans by early 2019.” And with 2021 fast approaching, this number could be increasing. What does this mean? It might be a good idea for sellers to take on home improvement projects that attract these buyers. Smart and energy-efficient appliances, a beautiful outdoor living space, storage spaces, and a home office are only some of the upgrades that they usually look for in homes.


3. Consider your home’s location.

Homes that are located in specific areas can be challenging to sell. If the house you are trying to sell is located in a problematic neighborhood, or in front of major freeways, train stations, or right in front of a school or any busy section, then it is normal to expect some challenges along the way. But the good thing is, it’s only challenging, but it is definitely not a hopeless case.

You may be unable to change the location of your home, but you can definitely adjust the price. Adjusting the price is the most obvious remedy to this problem, especially if your home has been on the market for several months. You may have to sacrifice a few thousand dollars to make your home sell, but at least you won’t end up with a stagnant listing.


4. Reassess the price.

A price that is too high is one of the most common reasons why a property lingers on the market. If your home’s condition is perfect and it is located in a beautiful neighborhood, but you are still not getting any offers, then the culprit may be the price. 

If you have a real estate agent, he or she can help you with this. There are several factors that you and your agent can check, including similar homes in your area that have sold over the past few months. The sale price of these homes could give you an idea of what the buyers are willing to pay for your property.


5. Listen to prospective buyers’ feedback.

Following up with the prospective buyers is one of the tasks of a real estate agent. Through this, you will be able to find out what the buyers liked and did not like about your property. Listen to their feedback. Their comments will come in handy when you do decide to make changes to your house. You could always use a fresh pair of eyes to identify areas for improvement that you may have not noticed before or you may not have considered a “big deal.’ 


6. Consider hiring a different real estate agent.

If the property is spotless, the neighborhood is nice, and the price is right, but you are still not getting any offers, then it might be a good idea to hire a different real estate agent. Be sure to look for a savvy, proactive agent who looks out for your best interests. Hire one who knows how to adapt to the changing needs of the industry, especially when it comes to marketing strategies. Nowadays, you need a real estate agent who knows how to use both traditional and digital tools to reach the right people to sell your home to.


If you have listed your property several months ago and are still not getting an offer, or if you need to sell your home and do not have time to wait for a buyer, do not lose hope! We Buy Any House Fast is here to offer you the best solution to get rid of your house quickly. Talk to one of our real estate experts today at 1-800-976-SOLD to learn more about how to sell your house in New Jersey or Pennsylvania fast!