Letting Go

Getting out of your car has never been so difficult. After spending 10 minutes peering out of your window, you unbuckle your seatbelt and step onto the sidewalk, locking the door behind you. Making your way up the path to a familiar porch, you reminisce about the countless summer days you spent reading on the swing to your right and convincing your father to throw the football around for a bit.

You finally open the front door and enter this dilapidated mausoleum of childhood memories. The home of your youth has fallen into disrepair since your parents moved into a senior living community. A far cry from its former glory, the empty house is falling apart but still holds a special place in your heart.

As you go from room to room one last time, your recollection of holidays, birthdays and family time hit you, bringing tears to your eyes.

Fast forward six months. You’ve entrusted We Buy Any House Fast, one of the leading estate sale companies in NJ and PA, with buying your childhood home.

Now the property is owned by someone else, and you are curious to see what it looks like. Driving back to the house, you are shocked. A fresh coat of paint, a new door, impressive siding and a repaired swing just like the one that used to be there have restored your childhood home to its former grandeur.

A wave of emotions suddenly hit you. This time, however, you feel happiness and hope that the new owners, a young couple, can create special memories like the ones you and your family had.

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