Death, Taxes and Unwanted Inheritance

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

This statement rings true as the state Pennsylvania state Inheritance tax ranges from 4.5 to 15 percent, while the New Jersey state inheritance tax ranges from 11 to 16 percent depending on whom the beneficiaries of an estate happen to be.  Those tax rates are very expensive!

People wishing, “Can someone sell my home for cash in NJ?” will be pleased to find out that We Buy Any House Fast specializes in unwanted inherited estates.

In fact, we recently helped the son of a homeowner who was terminally ill and close to death. We explained that if we were to come to an agreement quickly, there could be more net dollars than if we waited for the unfortunate realities associated with death and taxes. We closed the deal within a matter of days. Unfortunately, the father died just 48 hours later.  By turning to us, we saved the son thousands of dollars.

When a death has already occurred, inheritance taxes will need to be paid.  We make this process less taxing on you and your family.

Unlike most situations where inheritance taxes are required to be pre-paid from the estate or the beneficiaries of the estate before a house can be sold, we make arrangements so that a house can be sold before the inheritance tax is paid!

Our title agent is available to escrow inheritance taxes from the proceeds of the sale of the house so you can have the rest of the money right away. The title agent can even release the escrow to the tax department once you have filed the tax return.

At We Buy Any House Fast, we pledge to put you first. We buy all types of property including houses, timeshares, townhomes, condos and rental communities.

We will make your wish of “Can anyone get me cash for my house in NJ?” come true. We treat you with respect and handle all of the paperwork, making the process as quick as possible.

You can learn more about We Buy Any House Fast and our unwanted inherited estate service by calling 1-800-976-SOLD or browsing our website.