Celebrating Memories and Giving Back: Our Solar Eclipse Glasses Giveaway

As the celestial dance of the recent solar eclipse captivated many of us, we at We Buy Any House Fast were thrilled to contribute to this astronomical event by giving away solar eclipse glasses. We hope that everyone who participated was able to make lasting memories of this rare spectacle!

Now that the eclipse has passed, we’ve received several inquiries about what to do with the used solar eclipse glasses. We’re excited to share a meaningful way to repurpose them and help others enjoy future astronomical events.

Donating Your Used Solar Eclipse Glasses

To extend the life of your eclipse glasses and support a fantastic cause, we recommend donating them to Astronomers Without Borders (AWB). This organization is dedicated to building and nurturing a community through astronomy, with the mission to create a global community that appreciates and shares the wonders of the universe. Their work helps to broaden perspectives, transcend borders, and improve lives.

How to Donate

You have two convenient options for donating your glasses:

  1. Drop them off at our Levittown office by 5/15/2024: We Buy Any House Fast will collect all the glasses and make a bulk donation to Astronomers Without Borders.
  2. Mail them directly: Find a local donation center through Astronomers Without Borders at their Solar Glasses Distribution program page.https://astronomerswithoutborders.org/programs/solar-glasses-distribution#collection_node

What Happens to Your Donated Glasses?

Once received, your glasses will be thoroughly vetted for safety and authenticity. After passing inspection, they are packaged and stored, ready for redistribution to new users during future solar eclipses. With two solar eclipses occurring each year, there’s always an opportunity for these glasses to find a new home. From the millions collected in 2017, 300,000 were distributed after careful vetting, showcasing the high demand and turnover for these viewing tools.

Ensuring Safety for Future Use

Before donating your glasses, please ensure they are in good condition. Check the lenses for any punctures, scratches, or bends, and make sure the housing (plastic or cardboard) is intact. When looking through the glasses, the only visible light source should be the sun or something as bright (like a bright-white LED bulb). If they pass these checks, they’re ready to be donated!

A No-Resale Policy

Rest assured, all donated glasses are given freely to new users. None of the collected glasses are sold; they are strictly donated to ensure that everyone has a chance to witness these magnificent celestial events safely.

Join Us in Making a Difference

By donating your solar eclipse glasses, not only are you recycling and conserving, but you’re also playing a vital role in a larger global initiative to share the wonder of the cosmos. It’s a simple act that can have profound impacts on community and education around the world. Drop off your glasses at our Levittown office or send them to a collection center near you, and help bring the beauty of the universe to others.

Together, let’s keep looking up and sharing the sky!