Can You Sell An Unwanted House?

We all buy homes with the intention that they’ll last us for years. But sometimes, despite our best preparations and intentions, they don’t. Acts of Nature or accidents can cause catastrophic damage to your home, making it unlivable without extensive, costly repairs, and disordered behavior like hoarding can also render a house uninhabitable. In other cases, we don’t even purchase burdensome homes—we inherit them from a family member, and feel less than pleased that we are now in charge of property taxes on a house that we don’t intend to live in.

The above circumstances are just a few examples of situations that force homeowners to sell a home, only to be met with the difficulty of selling a less-than-perfect property. But selling your home is far from impossible. If you no longer want your house and are having difficulty finding a buyer, that’s where we come in. We Buy Any House Fast takes the stress and anxiety out of the process of selling your home. Read on to learn why you can sell your home quickly, no matters its condition.


Flood, fire, water damage, mold—sometimes, the problems that plague a home feel like they’re of Biblical proportions. One day, you’re living comfortably in the house you’ve worked so hard to afford and maintain. The next, you’re forced to leave. Or maybe the damage has slowly accumulated after all, but you’ve had to come to terms that you can’t continue living in your current conditions. In any case, you’re left feeling stranded and at a loss as to how you’ll sell a residence seemingly no one in their right mind would want.

We can assure you that we’re all in our right minds—and we also want to buy your house. Furthermore, we’ll take care of all the repairs and cleanup that you might have been stressing over.


When you retire and have to downsize, it can very well be the case that your home isn’t damaged at all. However, it can still be a burden if having a large house doesn’t make sense for your empty-nest home, or if property maintenance and expenses have become too much to handle. If you find that taking care of your house is too difficult or expensive, you likely want to sell it fast, and can’t wait for the duration of a long sale process. At We Buy Houses Fast, the sale process can take as little as a week. Additionally, we understand the emotional impact of downsizing a home where you’ve spent much of your life. Our sales approach is bolstered by our willingness to offer assurance and sympathy along the way, and to help you see how freeing yourself of your home can be a blessing.


Inheritance usually has a positive connotation, doesn’t it? Sometimes, however, an inheritance is more trouble than it’s worth. Many of our customers come to us because they are frustrated by suddenly being saddled with a property that they didn’t ask for, but now must maintain and pay property taxes on. Frequently, these inherited properties are too far away to feasibly live in, or too damaged to inhabit or rent out. If the inheritors have no wish to repair the property themselves, or if they don’t have the funds, selling quickly can be the best option.

Don’t assume that your home is beyond the point of selling. Call We Buy Any House Fast at 1-800-976-SOLD for a no-obligation consultation at our office.